Intelligent packaging

  • 08/07/2017
  • Technical Insight

Technology Fast Facts

  • Type of innovation New to industry
  • Time to commercialise Available now
  • Cost Low
  • Complexity Specialist

What the technology does?

Intelligent packaging technologies (e.g. QR codes) are incorporated or embedded in food packaging. They allow the receipt and storage of data such as provenance and marketing information or data related to conditions experienced by the product as it travels through the supply chain.

How is the technology different?

Intelligent packaging provides a platform for product authentication, traceability and brand protection, that is difficult to copy.

Application & Uses:

Intelligent packaging is particularly useful for Australian manufacturers where proving product provenance and authentication is important, e.g. companies exporting into Asian markets where demand for Australian products is high and counterfeiting is common.

Case Study of Application

Matthews Australasia worked with New Zealand company Trust Codes to provide infant formula processor Camperdown Dairy with an intelligent packaging solution that allows Chinese consumers to quickly check the authenticity and provenance of its products using their smart phones. Each tin of infant formula is printed with a unique QR code on the base of the tin that allows consumers to scan and identify the individual product.

What the experts say:

Intelligent packaging is a developing market with high growth potential, given growing consumer concern regarding food safety and waste. Adoption is being driven by printed electronics, the cloud and the Internet of Things.

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