Corrosion Mitigation

  • 13/03/2018
  • Insight Technical Insight

Corrosion Mitigation for the Food and Agri-Industry

Corrosion mitigation is the methods and practices used to protect surfaces, equipment etc. from different forms of corrosion in their operating environments. Corrosion mitigation is incredibly important for the food and agri industry, as it means that the lifespan of machinery and equipment is increased, while reducing the replacement and service costs. Corrosion mitigation also prevents the leaching of biologically toxic metals into the soil and atmosphere.

Corrosion mitigation technologies have enormous market potential, and new multifunctional coatings and materials are currently a hot topic of interest.

"Downtime on your tractor or processing plant to replace parts or clean the equipment impacts your productivity and profitability. What if you could apply a special coat to your machinery or equipment to avoid any downtime? Just think of the business savings!"