Small Data

  • 06/06/2018
  • Insight Technical Insight
We mapped our genome and discovered the genes that cause specific diseases and cancers. Discover how analysing small data sets within big data can uncover trends and provide insights to your challenges...

A recent trend in data management is to not only scale with 'Big Data', but to also retrieve details of smaller entities within the Big Data sets, to accurately analyse them at granular levels. Small Data is about finding insights from small end point data which forms the Big Data set. It is a form of data analytics focused on particular problems.

So what does this trend mean for the food and agribusiness industry?

  • Nutrient formulation for efficient crop production

  • Hyper spectral image analytics for crop health monitoring

  • Crop insurance for farmers

  • Smart refrigerators for food storage

  • Temperature, humidity and oxygen parameter monitoring during shipment

  • Asset tracking analytics to monitor agricultural machinery

  • Logistics optimisation for better pricing

  • Weather forecasting for irrigation scheduling

  • Demand supply optimisation

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