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Counting the Cost: Lost Australian Food and Wine Export Sales Due to Fraud

Food Innovation Australia Ltd have commissioned Dr Ross McLeod to report on the economic impact of lost Australian food and wine sales in key export markets due to fraud, and to identify strategies for reducing fraud cost.

FIAL launches UK Grocery Accelerator Program

Food Innovation Australia Limited has launched a UK Grocery Accelerator Program to help Australian food exporters establish themselves successfully in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Western Sydney powering Australia’s food supply

Western Sydney has emerged as a food and grocery manufacturing powerhouse, generating $17 billion in output per year and employing 24,400 workers, research released by the Australian Food and Grocery Council indicates.

Final Precinct Report

Prepared by: Food Innovation Australia Limited Ltd This Final Report summarises the activities and outcomes of Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), an Industry Innovation Precinct, for the reporting period 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014. Much of the information and data described in this report is an extension of the material already presented in FIAL’s 2013-14 Annual Report that was submitted to the Department of Industry and Science (the Department) for review in November 2014 and made available

State of the Industry 2015

This is the seventh edition of the AFGC's annual State of the Industry series, providing key data on the food and grocery sector in order to inform rational and face-based analysis and policy.

Our Future World: Global Megatrends That Will Change the Way We Live

The narrative of the future presented in this report is constructed from six interlinked megatrends.

Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages: A 21st Century Agrifood

Business Council of Australia’s study of the Australian agrifood sector.

Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate Change, food and Farming in Australia

Climate change may affect our food supply, both directly and indirectly. These impacts will in turn affect everyday Australian households.

European Clusters Tour Report

Europe is the home of clusters and innovation leaders and this report provides an overview of cluster organisations and how Australia can embrace clusters.

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz Reports on His Trip to Australia-US Business Week

Peter Schutz, the Chairman of FIAL attended the Australia-US Business Week in Chicago, Illinois. Whilst there he gained insights into how companies in the US foster a culture of innovation in the workplace.

European Clusters Tour Report

Clusters are groups of similar and related businesses in a defined geographic area that share common markets, technologies and worker skill needs. By working together they can leverage each other's activities.

China Insights Report

CHINA INSIGHTS REPORTS Beginning February 2016, FIAL will bring you a series of in-market China reports that focuses on particular food products in mainland China. We hope you find these reports useful, let us know your feedback at info@fial.com.au Muesli - China Insights Report – Feb 2016 Cakes - China Insights Report – March 2016 Chocolate - China Insights Report – April 2016 Coffee - China Insights Report – May 2016 Ready Meals & Desserts - China Insights Report

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz's Insights

HONG KONG INSIGHT REPORT FIAL chairman Peter Schutz travelled to Hong Kong as a guest of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The "One Country Two Systems" arrangement in Hong Kong provide a level of security and confidence for Australian businesses wanting to establish trade with China. Peter highlighted that there are several tax and tariff advantages for companies wishing to manufacture or transform their product in Hong Kong due to its free trade agreement with China. These

Gulfood Trade Show Market Insights

In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional foods to Western-style convenience foods within the Gulf Cooperative Council. This has increasingly been driven by the rapidly growing tourist population and emerging affluence that is pushing the demand for high quality, organic and specialised foods.

China Mentoring Programme

This program provides Australian food and beverage exporters with a highly customised pathway into the China market.

CSIRO Futures Roadmap for Growth

CSIRO Futures worked with FIAL and other industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.

Size of the Prize: An Overview of 16 Opportunities for Australian Food & Agribusinesses

The food and agribusiness sector is faced with a number of challenges and opportunities related to demand, supply, innovation, and regulation that will shape the evolution of the sector over the next 5-10 years.

Opportunity Overview: Food Waste

Food waste is worth A$1.3 trillion globally due to 20-30% of food being wasted somewhere along the value chain. Food waste can be broken down into several sub-segments each representing an unique opportunity.

IFT Event Summary

Barry McGookin General Manager of Innovation for FIAL attended IFT 2017 in July to seek out ideas for Australian food manufacturing and services and he found no shortage of inspiration.

Food Hotel China 2017

FIAL had the biggest tradeshow area ever at Food Hotel China where 75 brands were represented, and connections were made with over 70 buyers.

FIAL Managing Director Mirjana Prica Reports on TCI Conference in Colombia

In November 2017 Peter Schutz, the Chairman of FIAL and Mirjana Prica, Managing Director, travelled to Colombia for the TCI Network's 20th global anniversary conference, focusing on: "The future of clusters through cross-country and cross-regional collaboration."

Technology Insight: Nano 3D printing

The distinct capabilities of Nano 3D printing (a nanomanufacturing technique to produce nanoscale parts) to reduce scrap rates and manufacture miniaturised products, are stimulating R&D in this space.

Opportunity Overview: Soil Health

Soil health and land management, expected to reachA$65-85 billion in 2025.Opportunities include: Agroforestry, Low-Till / No-Till Agriculture, Holistic Grazing and Micro-Irrigation.

FIAL Fosters Australian Collaborations in Food, and Agribusiness for Sustainable Growth

The key to happiness and success is connection, not competition. Seeing our neighbours as competition is counterproductive to sustainable growth as a nation. Instead, we must form a connection with our industry leaders and collaborate in order to penetrate the international market.

The New Age: A Knowledge Sharing Culture

FIAL’s Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations book shares success stories from 50 innovative companies across agriculture, food, drink, and packaging who are motivated to inspire and influence industry leaders. The book is now open for applications for its third edition following success from the first and second editions.

We're excited to see the response from the launch of our Cluster Programme!

This month we launched our Cluster Programme throughout the country to a range of businesses, networks, government agencies and researchers. FIAL Managing Director, Dr Mirjana Prica took to the floor, explaining the importance of clusters, where they have successfully worked before and how they can work in the Australian food industry.

October Monthly Newsletter

October was a very exciting month with the launch of the FIAL Cluster Programme, the call for applications for the Innovations Book and the final preparations being made for Food and Hotel China.

How to capture the attention of a Middle Eastern supermarket

The UAE is not only one of the most vibrant places in the world, it’s also a hotbed of passionate foodies. To help Australian suppliers capitalise on the many opportunities the UAE presents, we interviewed Kirti Meghnani, the Group Procurement Manager for Choithrams.

Can you crack the Macadamia Innovation Challenge?

Can you crack the Macadamia Innovation Challenge? Australia’s macadamia industry has thrown down a unique challenge to the nation’s food industry professionals and students. Come up with an innovative idea to inspire packaged food development using macadamias in the bakery, snacks or ice cream categories for a chance to win a trip to SIAL in Paris or a $5,000 cash grant.

'Hidden Giants': The Future of Australia's Midsize Business

‘Hidden Giants’: The Future of Australia’s Midsize Business. Understandingthose companies that employ between 20-199 staff and turn over $10 million – $250 million in annual revenue.

FIAL's partnership with Proportion Foods is creating radical change

FIAL’s Project Fund is changing the game for the industry by removing funding as an obstacle in product development. FIAL fosters a world of possibility for companies, such as Proportion, that are brave enough to walk through unchartered territories with the intention of transforming the health and lives of Australians.

FIAL Managing Director Mirjana Prica Reports on TCI Conference in Colombia

In November 2017 Peter Schutz, the Chairman of FIAL and Mirjana Prica, Managing Director, travelled to Colombia for the TCI Network's 20th global anniversary conference, focusing on: "The future of clusters through cross-country and cross-regional collaboration."

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible: Innovation Protocol Adding value through innovation and collaboration/partnerships

Mission Impossible - innovation through collaboration

A new approach for people working in food and agribusiness to add value to their business through innovation and collaboration.

Mission Impossible - Agricultural Producers

Mission Impossible: Agribusiness Evolution Global markets are rapidly changing and most commodity driven agricultural businesses in Australia need new approaches to ensure profitability and succession. Mission Impossible: Agribusiness Evolution is designed to provide Australian producers with innovation skills and new opportunities to future-proof their business through value-adding.This program also connects you to trusted partners to solve challenges and encourages collaboration within your region.

Mission Impossible - Researchers

Mission Impossible: Engagement Protocol Generating more fundable proposals The short-course is designed to equip researchers and technical experts with the insight and skills to engage food manufacturers and agribusiness to help them apply research for increased impact. With a focus on meeting the needs of future consumers, the program facilitates engagement and collaboration between researchers that seek practical application and commercial outcomes with businesses that need help bringing new ideas to market or diversifying their business or product offering.

Winning Export Market Entry

Winning Export Market Entry Program A three-stage engagement program designed so each participating company completes a draft Winning Export Market Entry plan tailored to their needs. This workshop is a fast track consulting and training process, leveraging the skill and expertise of the facilitator and other participants in the workshop. This program covers the following topics: What market should participants enter - How to prioritise what markets to enter using the Market Opportunity Index Who to target and why