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Healthier beer? Scientists crack the barley genome

Scientists crack the genetic code of one of Australia's most important grains — barley — opening up the potential for healthier beer and more importantly drought resistant crops.

Cash ploughed into research

A TOMATO business using hyperspectral technology to identify plant diseases and another studying insectariums will receive a research grant from the Victorian Governments Horticulture Innovation Fund.

From Fake Fruits To Space Food: 3D Printing Will Shake Up The Food Industry 

3D printing is coming to the kitchen as new devices are being made to help users create custom concoctions.

New Startup Uses Mushroom Extracts As A Natural Bitter Blocker 

Hate the taste of healthy food? The world of bitter blockers is steadily growing and a new contender is using mushrooms to stand apart.

Here's What Our Food Might Look Like In A Climate Change-Induced Dystopia

"Food scientists are already looking to some dramatic-sounding options, from bugs to lab-grown meat to large fish farms, in order to feed a world whose population could approach 10 billion humans by 2050."

TNQ trailblazers win gold at international innovation awards

The Tablelands team that brought green banana flour to the world has been honoured at a glittering ceremony in NYC for their groundbreaking food processing technology.

Australia exhibits 3D printed meat - in pictures

Scientists and trade body Meat & Livestock Australia have unveiled a groundbreaking 3D meat printer that makes edible protein from liquid offal and mince.

Sugar Research Australia gets plant breeding boost 

"Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has added expertise and capacity to its sugarcane breeding program with the appointment of experienced plant breeder, Dr Jason Eglinton."

Pepsi Max Vanilla launches in Australia | Australian Food News

Pepsi Max Vanilla is now available in Australia.

From Raw to Retailer: 4 technology trends in food and beverage market

Emerging trends in products and packaging are sprouting innovative picking and packaging technologies for the food and beverage market.

These farms use sun and seawater to grow crops in the arid Australian desert

Sundrop farms are reinventing agriculture through a mix of solar power and hydroponic technology

Cider Australia reveals its plans for Export Program

Cider Australia reveals its strategies as part of securing funding under the Government’s $50m Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

How 3D food printers could improve mealtimes for people with swallowing disorders

There's a lot to consider in the problem of creating enjoyable foods for people with swallowing difficulties. Could 3D-printed food be part of the solution?

4 Food Tech Startups to Watch Out For in 2017 

Our list of Food Tech startups covers the interesting and the promising in the food tech world from robots to meat alternatives.

The Future Labratory

From pods to delivery-only dining, here are the things we learnt at the Future Laboratory’s Food and Drink Futures Forum.

Food agility research centre to find foods of the future

The Federal Government announces a new cooperative research centre investigating how to produce food for the future.

Connecting wine regions with early career researchers 

"Wine Australia is inviting early career researchers to apply for funding through the Incubator Initiative, a new program that will fund a series of regionally focused research projects."

Have researchers found a way to prevent mouldy food?

A new discovery may allow us to prevent food from going mouldy, drastically reducing the more than 30 per cent of purchased food in Australia that ends up in the bin.

Goodness for bones in new marine product – News

Seaweed-lobster jelly that helps children get more calcium is just one of several products set to roll out from Flinders University biomedical research team. A new …

Freeze-dried fruit tech helps reduce food waste

Freeze-dried food was once the staple of astronauts, but the technology could be the solution to saving billions of dollars worth of wasted Australian produce.

Awesome Alert: New Form of Sustainable Packaging Has Created An Edible Water Bottle | SnapMunk

An edible water bottle? Sounds crazy but at least it's one way to beat the recycling problem. Making an edible solution

Amfora Raises $5 Million in Series A Venture Round

"Amfora Inc., a biotech start-up focused on developing crops with enhanced nutritional content, today announced the closing of a Series A financing. San Francisco-based Spruce Capital, co-manager of the MLS Fund II, led the round, which included participation from The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the globally renowned Australian-based national science agency."

Australia’s CSIRO deal with Amfora to stimulate new food oils | Australian Food News

The CSIRO has discovered how to stimulate higher-levels of oil production in stems and leaves, parts of plants which normally do not produce much oil.

Future Food-Tech: Developing Solutions to Meet the Global Food Challenge – Food Tank

As part of Rethink Ag and Food Innovation Week, the Future Food-Tech Summit will be held in Silicon Valley on March 29 and 30, 2017.

AgTech: The emerging opportunity for fin services | NAB News

For industries like Agriculture, there is an emerging opportunity to leverage new technology and digital capability to transform process and practice.

Autumn set for ‘world's first’ low-GI bread, sugar, noodle launches

Low-GI bread, sugar and noodles, and salt with 40% less sodium content, are all poised to blast onto the market this year, thanks to a Malaysian-Australian company that specialises in developing “groundbreaking” ingredients.

The Future of Food Production Will Look a Lot Like Brewing Beer

Companies from Cargill to Impossible Foods to Perfect Day are using fermenting yeast to make ingredients hard to find in nature.

SproutX closes AU$10m agtech fund with backing from Artesian and Hostplus 

SproutX has closed its AU$10 million VC fund and is now looking for 10 agtech startups to participate in its accelerator program.

Nutritious Seaweed and Lobster Jelly Snack is Dairy-Free Alternative for Kids Who Shun Milk

"South Australian researchers have developed a jelly snack for children made from seaweed and lobster in a bid to boost their calcium levels as large amounts of kids are not drinking enough milk."

Innovative Apac: Packaged foods that stand out from the crowd

From nuts made with clean formulations to snacks that shine a spotlight on ancient grains, the pursuit of healthier lifestyles among today's consumers has resulted in a rise in food and drink innovations that seek to fulfil the different aspects

‘Food tech’ sector trying to take a bite out of US$1.4 trillion market

In the same week that Canada’s first meal-kit company announced plans to go public, a U.S. brokerage company published a report on the emergence of online food models

Video: How agtech is transforming Australia's multibillion-dollar food production sector 

"From collecting data on harmful fruit flies to help a whole community of agribusinesses, to replacing dated paper systems with online platforms, agtech is making a notable impact on regional Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, agricultural production in Australia will hit $63 billion this financial year."

Good oil on plant tech breakthrough

"CSIRO’s breakthrough plant discovery is starting to sizzle, with a private company commercialising the gene technology that enables stems and leaves, not just seeds, to produce valuable food oils."

Baby food brand embraces HPP technology

Western Australian company Fresh Produce Alliance is utilising high-pressure processing (HPP) to produce its brands of baby food and avocado-based foods and drinks, capitalising on the method's ability to preserve the flavour, aroma, colour and nutrition.

Australian agriculture: Technology changing nation’s farming industry

WHY is one of Australias top bankers going for a ride on a three-tonne driverless tractor at a sugarcane field in northern Queensland

The Wondrous And Completely Terrifying Future Of Food

"A new report examines the path to sci-fi culinary ideas like implantable meals or farming on Mars."

Banana gelato helps cut Carnarvon's food waste

Banana growers in Western Australia's Gascoyne have reduced their food waste by more than 90 per cent through value-adding.

Regional Australia is setting the trend for start-up businesses

Nearly a quarter of Australian start-ups are founded outside of capital cities, according to a new report from Universities Australia and Startup Muster.

SA Government commits millions to recycle Adelaide suburban water for expanding horticulture | Australian Food News

The South Australian state government has committed $110 million to expand the Northern Adelaide Plains irrigated food production area.

More drones used to assess crop health

Increasing numbers of start-up businesses that use drones to map crop health are emerging across Australia.

Food fight: To beat China fakes, NZ and Australian produce firms raid tech larder

"Apps, codes and scans deployed to foil counterfeiters."

IoT agtech startup on mission “to feed the world without wrecking the planet” secures $6.5 million: Meet The Yield

An Australian agtech startup developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to drive safe and sustainable food production has secured a $6.5 million Series A funding round, led by Bosch, KPMG and AgFunder. The latest round brings investment in The Yield to $11.5 million since it was founded in 2014. The startup also received a $1 …

Former restaurant owner raises $1.8 million pre-revenue to build Buddy Australia, a Groupon-inspired app for small businesses

"Inspired by platforms like TripAdvisor and Groupon, former restaurant owner Danny Simmonds wants to launch an app that helps local cafes, restaurants and takeaway shops gain exposure to new customers."

Funding to kick-start food innovation in SA as successful applicants reap rewards 

"Seven new food innovation projects, including developing freeze-dried raw honey crystals and an apple spirit produced from cider pulp waste, have received State Government funding as a new round of grants to help more businesses opens." https://t.co/tliHmLp1rW

Lab burgers, lentils and locusts: is it boom-time for the meat-free protein market?

What’s next for the €250k lab burger? Can bugs and canola really replace beef and chicken? And why might novel proteins come up short when it comes to shifting consumer behaviour? Five things we learned at last week’s Future Proteins

FOODVISION: Pairing innovation and transparency flavours to satisfy industry tastes

Innovation and transparency can go ‘hand in hand’ as part of an industry strategy to streamline the food value chain and rebalance the relationship between production and nature.

How two uni friends turned coffee grounds into a beauty gold mine

Two entrepreneurs who started the coffee scrub craze have won a major award.

The First Food Tech Accelerator In China Is Funding Silkworm Flour And Fancy Juices

Bits x Bites is trying to pave the way for a new food system in the country as its middle class grows and eating habits change.

Lab-made seaweed and lobster shell jelly may soon be a lunchbox staple

A jelly snack made in a lab from seaweed and lobster shell and designed as an alternative to dairy products is gearing up for a launch early next year.

Special Report: Bowls & Asian Flavors Trending in the Foodsector

"From grabbing a quick snack to sitting down for a multicourse meal, the options for dining out are seemingly endless. FoodIngredientsFirst looks at some standout dining-out trends from the past months, including bowls, fusion flavors and plant-based offerings."

Wine and bottle packaging innovation released 

"Specialist paper and board packaging manufacturer Paper-Pak has launched a selection of innovative bottle carton products which it claims is an Australian first."

Plant bodies unite to bolster biosecurity

A new partnership between plant RDCs is taking a greater focus on biosecurity.

Food sector to benefit from innovation push

"The University of Adelaide has announced a new focus on helping grow the food sector with the appointment of its inaugural Director of Food Innovation. Professor Andrew Lowe will help develop partnerships with industry and government and act as the key interface with partners across the area of food innovation, to help maximise benefits to the community and the University of its world-class research and teaching capability in this area."

14 disruptive food-tech startups that will change how we eat 

Food technology is all about piling your plate with safer, cheaper, fresher, more nutritious and environmentally friendly edibles.

IMPACT7 - Discover the ways that science will help to unlock a better future!

"Are you working on solutions to Australia’s environmental challenges, food security, our health and wellbeing, or clean energy? Share your research by applying to present at IMPACT7!"

Why you need to visit CSIRO at foodpro 2017

Visitors to foodpro should be sure to visit CSIRO's booth, where you may be able to sample some ready-to-eat meals prepared using CSIRO's world-first, patented innovation in high-pressure thermal sterilisation.

Country students show the city how it is done in agricultural innovation

A team of country students has beaten some of Australia's most prestigious universities in a national agriculture innovation challenge.

Australian FinTech Rivals UK in Blockchain Development 

Australian-based AgriDigital is aiming to provide a solution within the blockchain space which could rival the UK's fintech sector.

Is an "expert culture" killing innovation in the workplace? 

"Over the last few decades, the Western world has had an increasingly specialised workforce, with workers trained in narrow skills, for increasingly narrow positions. However, the more narrow our jobs have become, the less capable we have become in inventing new technologies, products and ideas."

A muffin a day might just keep the doctor away

"Baking meets science in a delicious University of Queensland health initiative that really takes the cake. ‘Good heart’ muffin, developed by UQ scientists, could help lower the risk of heart disease."

Ag start-ups crying out for investment boost 

There is an urgent need to build capacity and ‘deal flow’ if innovative start-up businesses in the Australian agricultural sector are to have any chance of becoming successful companies, according to SproutX and Agri Innovation general manager at Findex, Sam Trethewey.

Forget drones, simple apps dominate ag tech space

The key to success in ag tech is to create solutions to problems causing pain.

Robots, 3D printing, bleeding vegan meats: food of the future is already here

There's no denying it: we've entered an age where our world is changing at a speed faster than ever before.

Is this the burger of the future?

FROM snags on the BBQ to a juicy bacon cheeseburger, most of us love our meat. But it’s no secret that it will look — and probably taste — a little different in the future.

MIT researchers engineer shape-shifting food

Researchers from MIT's Tangible Media Group have concocted something akin to edible origami, in the form of flat sheets of gelatin and starch that, when submerged in water, instantly sprout into three-dimensional structures, including common pasta shapes such as macaroni and rotini.

Low carb bread made from six Australian Seeds 

"The Protein Bread Company has launched an almost carb free multigrain bread made using over 95 per cent Australian ingredients."

Ikea invites food innovators to apply for global boot camp 

Ikea wants to help start-ups looking to innovate within the food industry.

The $50 billion food fraud scam putting Australia's iconic brands at risk

Food fraud is threatening to destroy Australia's reputation as a high-quality exporter, with everything from seafood, beef and olive oil to vitamins and wine under attack by unscrupulous counterfeiters.

Australian power plant's waste puts bubbles in beer

An Australian state known for its recycling initiatives and clean energy production is now using waste carbon dioxide from a gas-fired power plant to grow tomatoes and put bubbles in beer.

Australian food safety: Could blockchain be the unexpected solution?

The number one priority must be consumer safety and new technologies such as blockchain have the potential to shake up the global trade of food.

Agtech: not just another buzzword

"Digital change is reshaping the global economy and agriculture – on the front line in an earlier industrial revolution – is there again. Australian agriculture has not been immune and there’s an exciting buzz surrounding agtech and its implications for the already booming agriculture industry."

Australian Lamb Company joins project to turn national $200m waste problem around 

LAMB and beef processors have joined dairy and pork producers, universities and water authorities in a national project that aims to turn waste costing up to $200 million annually into energy, fertiliser, livestock feeds and bioplastic.

Food Innovation Centre: AACS Study Tour 

A visit to the Monash University Food Innovation Centre (FIC) proved to be one of the highlights of the recent Study Tour of Melbourne, hosted by the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores.

Digital livestock world: Where we should be heading

"WITH digital technologies invading livestock production at a rate of knots, the focus now needs to be on steering the juggernaut towards providing a producer the ability to make prescient and informed decisions, regardless of where they are."

Insight - Indonesia on the hunt for agtech innovations - Austrade

Indonesia’s agricultural sector is undergoing a transformation, as the next generation of farmers look to new technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. Australian agtech companies will find plenty of prospects, as well as the opportunity to work with Indonesia’s ‘agripreneurs’ and growing agtech startup sector.

Lion Unleashed is a new startup accelerator hunting for the best food and beverage entrepreneurs in the region 

Lion, one of the region’s largest food and beverage companies, is today launching Lion Unleashed, a new innovation initiative that will see Lion partner with startups and entrepreneurs in the F&B space in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. The 12 week accelerator program, designed in partnership with Australia’s foremost corporate accelerator specialist, Slingshot, will connect Lion’s

Eat, drink, feel our science - CSIRO blog

"We work with awesome companies across private industry to get our science to you faster; to help your health, the environment and community you live in, and perhaps even create you a job."

Spirited growers take a shot at carrot vodka to reduce waste

A group of spirited women hope their carrot vodka can entice people to drink their vegetables and help reduce food waste.

Innovation key feature at foodpro 2017

As foodpro 2017 nears, it’s clear that innovations from across the industry will feature heavily across the show floor. In what will be the largest show yet, many of the technologies to be showcased at foodpro will create serious change for the food manufacturing industry.

Scientists want fund to develop ‘digital paddocks’ and wipe out pests

Australia’s leading agricultural scientists have called on the public and private sectors to establish a A$100m (US$76m) agriculture fund to future-proof Australian farmers against looming shocks like climate variability and disease outbreaks.

Australia poised to capitalise on quinoa superfood trend - Grain Central

Surging global popularity of the ‘superfood’ quinoa has put the plant front and centre of new research by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) as part of the Corporations New and Emerging Industries R&D program.

Web-based tool from CSIRO for automated monitoring and reporting of illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing

"The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia has developed a web-based reporting tool that identifies and ranks vessels across the globe, based on a list of behaviours associated with illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing."

Michel’s Patisserie’s Image Printer hits sweet spot at QSR Media Awards 

"Michel’s Patisserie’s custom-designed Image Printer has proven a technology masterpiece, taking out the coveted Best Digital Initiative Award at the annual QSR Media Awards in Sydney."

Giving ugly vegetables a nutrient-rich face lift - CSIRO blog

We're looking at ugly fruit and veg to turn into nutritious snacks to slow food wastage, return to farmers, and make Australia healthier.

New role for region in Agtech

Jobs and industry - it's hoped the new Agtech Cluster to be based in Armidale will deliver both.

Lloyd's List Australia - FREE: China expert on trade opportunities for Australian dairy

"CHINA has a renewed hunger for dairy products after a two-year hiatus, senior market analyst Sandy Chen believes. Mr Chen is a Shanghai-based dairy analyst and is in Australian for a series of industry presentations organised by food and agribusiness group Rabobank."

Three ways the CSIRO can help businesses innovate

Small businesses can obtain research grants worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Australia: Hort Innovation proposes US$8.6M strategic grape investment plan 

Proposed measures include retail training, improving early season fruit quality and improving the information available to growers on varieties and growing practices.

Australian Company Develops Invisible Technology to Combat Food Fraud

As major markets like China increase their demand for imported luxury foods such as olive oil, an Australian company, YPB Group, has developed an invisible tracking technology they believe will become an industry standard.

Food Robots Are On The Rise, Whether You Want Them Or Not 

The food robots are coming, outpacing any ordinary human, but is there a place for us in this new world of food tech?

Would you eat food produced from fly larvae?

A Melbourne biotech company uses its software development skills to breed black soldier flies whose larvae turn organic waste into animal feed.

Young farmers get set for GenAg2017 

AN inaugural conference to be held in Kulin in July will explore the role that innovation and technology play in the development of modern farming practices.

NSW Dairy Fund applications to fire up innovation 

"Industry advocacy group Dairy Connect has called on farmers, academics, industry stakeholders and research institutions to take advantage of innovation project funding available in this year’s NSW Government Dairy Industry Fund."

The Gateway Bug: a documentary about the future of food

I’ve had the privilege of getting a sneak preview of a movie called The Gateway Bug, which is a documentary about feeding humanity in an uncertain age. It will be shown in Melbourne next weekend as part…

Food and Agribusiness Roadmap: unlocking value‑adding growth opportunities for Australia - CSIRO

Future growth of the sector cannot be sustained by productivity improvements alone. CSIRO Futures worked with industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.

MLA to grow agtech grassroots

"Meat and Livestock Australia is calling for applicants to its new GrowLab initiative to help agtech entrepreneurs commercialise beneficial technology for red meat industries."

CSIRO aims to produce 'food generator' using DNA, lifestyle

A CSIRO researcher has kicked off a three-year study into the personalised fabrication of smart food systems

Farmers turn to hydroponics, aquaponics and greenhouses

Australia is rapidly becoming a world leader in protected cropping as farmers look for creative ways to grow more food using less land and resources.

Portable abattoir concept takes the cake in first agtech accelerator project 

A portable abattoir concept which takes the processing facility to the cattle, rather than the reverse, won top honours when the 2017 SproutX cohort took to the stage to deliver their pitches for the first time.

Washing vegies in the field

CLEANING vegetables while they are still growing in the field may sound like an odd idea, but South Australian researchers are verifying its value.