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"We work with awesome companies across private industry to get our science to you faster; to help your health, the environment and community you live in, and perhaps even create you a job."

Does it matter to you where the grain in your bread comes from?

If you drink single origin coffee are you also prepared to pay more for single origin bread?Most bread is made up of wheat that is aggregated in big stores and milled into a consistent product, largely for export markets. But one Australian baker is making a name for himself by producing bread with wheat or rye from a single farm.

Manufacturing hope for ugly vegetables

The Latrobe Valley could be the site for an innovative vegetable processing hub that will turn ugly produce destined for the trash heap into tasty treats and health products.

The Netherlands is making food out of your waste

First the Dutch introduced plastic-free aisles, and now they're showing – yet again – how they're nailing waste reduction.

delicious. Produce Awards 2018 State Winners Announced

See who made the cut for 2018's list of state winners.

Agriculture blockchain startup BlockGrain raises $3.5 million in pre-sale after government softens “vibe” on ICOs

A blockchain startup that just months ago eschewed initial coin offerings (ICOs) due to there being a “number of unknowns” involved with the process has since changed its tune and is preparing to launch a $25 million raise at the end of this month.

How green is your bread?

Simple question: how green is your bread? No, we’re not asking how mouldy it is ( that’s another story). We’re talking about the environmental friendliness of a simple loaf of white bread...

Food in the 21st Century: Where we’re headed, according to Mintel

Keeping track of emerging food trends can be daunting, especially in an immediate, digital-centric environment, but there are a few constant principles to lean on in the increasingly cluttered, fragmented food and beverage market, according to Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation & insight at Mintel.

Fact not fad: Why the vegan market is going from strength-to-strength in Australia

Forget throwing burgers on the barbie, Aussie consumers’ desire for vegan products shows no sign of sizzling out with analysts highlighting the ongoing surge in sales and product launches.

New appointment and funding to drive national food waste strategy

Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) has announced the appointment of Genevieve Bateman as General Manager of Food Sustainability, a newly created position to support the implementation of Australia’s National Food Waste Strategy.

Long-life Australian freeze-dried cheese the new 'space' snack

Crunchy cubes of freeze-dried cheddar cheese are appearing on supermarket shelves as snack food as an Australian processor tackles the problem of fresh food waste.

Azure IoT helping to create food factory of the future

Majans is aiming to create a ‘factory of the future’ and to this end is adopting Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite to streamline the Queensland-based snack food company's manufacturing processes.

Of mushrooms and men – why men are eating more veggies

Today we can do everything with our smartphones – we can work, watch TV on the go, do banking, order groceries, play games and manage our health. But how useful are they for helping us to keep tabs on our diet? Or better yet, getting us interested in eating more of the green good stuff?

Future Food Asia Award: Here are the 10 finalists competing for the US$100,000 prize

Ten agri tech and food tech start-ups from Australia, India, Israel, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are vying for US$100,000 in the second Future Food Asia award.

Separate food waste 'offers massive CO2 saving'

A CO2 saving equivalent to taking all cars off the roads of the EU could be delivered if cities around the world separated and collected inedible food waste.

The importance of eco-friendly food packaging

While it's difficult for CPG companies to reduce excess packaging, shifting to more sustainable options appeals to today's more environmentally conscious consumers...

Rabobank recommendations to respond to dairy-free

Rabobank has said in a press release that dairy alternatives are on a rise as consumers are increasingly going dairy-free, particularly when it comes to fluid “milk” used on things like cereal or in coffees.

‘Innovation leadership is key’: Nestlé reorganises its R&D operations

Swiss food giant Nestlé is reorganising its research and development operations in a bid to further strengthen its innovation capabilities.

ASEAN’s growing middle class a top target for Aussie food and beverage businesses

South East Asia’s growing middle class and the ASEAN nations’ developing markets are attracting more Australian food and beverage businesses seeking commercial or investment opportunities.

Bundaberg gingerly involved in research program

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is collaborating on the first ever ginger research and development program.

Experts share tips for adding value to crops

TASMANIAN vegetable growers will be the first to take part in a regional roadshow aiming to create new food product ideas to catch and keep consumer interest.

FII and ANSTO collaborate for broadacre crop fertiliser

Researchers from the Future Industries Institute (FII) at the University of South Australia are collaborating with a group of scientists at ANSTO to investigate a new class of micro and nano-scale zinc fertilisers for broad acre crops, such as wheat.

Food delivery apps used by more than two million Australians aged 14+ according to Roy Morgan

New research from Roy Morgan shows nearly 2 million Australians aged 14+ (9.8%) now use Uber Eats, Menulog/Eatnow.com.au, Deliveroo or one of the many other meal delivery services in an average three months.

Mars Australia flicks the switch to solar energy to deliver on its promise of becoming ‘Sustainable in a Generation’

Mars Australia announces it will be one of the first FMCG manufacturers in Australia to source the equivalent of 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

FermenTasmania shares its plans after winning a FIAL cluster grant

Tasmania’s taste for fermentation has received a significant boost, with FermenTasmania winning an $840,000 grant to encourage greater connectivity in Tasmania’s agricultural sector.

New grants to shake up salt in food production

Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) and VicHealth have joined forces to shake off the harmful amount of salt in processed foods with up to $300,000 in grants available to food producers.

Excellence in Manufacturing Award winner started out by baking bread at home

Entrepreneur and co-founder of The Protein Bread Co. and Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen, Anna Hopkins has shown that dreams certainly can be turned into reality.

Four factors to succeed in health-focused product innovations: Ex-Unilever VP of R&D

If major food manufacturers are not striving to make genuinely healthier products then they are shaping up for failure, according to a former senior research and development executive at Unilever and Masan Consumer.

Hemp milk the latest product innovation finding favour with Aussie consumers

Hemp milk is the latest product to be launched in Australia after the ingredient was permitted for use by regulators at the end of last year.

Kanguru to transform the energy drink market

Kanguru is set to redefine the energy drink market with a sophisticated product, combining clean, effective ingredients and a great taste.

IP Australia trialling blockchain for food provenance

After turning to Agile Digital and Vault Systems to develop a blockchain-based solution to prove food provenance, the government entity will be moving into export trials in Canberra.

Backing Australian premium sustainable sugar: smart!

The Sustainable Sugar Project aims to use encrypted data, called blockchain, to clearly show sugar buyers where the sugarcane came from and the sustainability of that farm.

New NPD hub to nurture innovation in Australian food sector

Innovative food manufacturers and food service operators in Australia can now enjoy the benefits of a purpose-designed new R&D facility launched by leading inclusions pioneer Pecan Deluxe Candy for customers across the APAC region.

What large brands can do to break down barriers and innovate like a startup

Large established companies need to take a “best of both worlds” approach to innovation in order to be competitive and meet ongoing consumer expectations.

Mango box that transformed Australia's horticulture industry wins innovation award

In the early 2000s, a cardboard box emerged from a workshop in the Northern Territory. It had a unique design and would go on to shape the future of Australia's fruit and vegetable industries. One of its developers, David Hoseason-Smith, received due recognition this month, winning an innovation award at the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference in Darwin.

Personalizing Food, Directed by Your DNA

What if, at the press of a button, you could have food generated for you that is customized for your genetic code and up-to-the-minute nutritional needs? With that in mind, Dr. Amy Logan, a team leader for dairy science at The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), has just launched a three-year study into the personalized fabrication of smart food systems.

Squeezing profits out of food waste

Whether it's fresh produce that fails to meet cosmetic standards in supermarkets, or the wasted skin and seeds of fruit and vegetables, Monash University is highlighting the possibility of gaining added value out of whole wasted products.

Food and Beverage Awards Industry finalists announced

From fruity drinks to coconut yoghurt, the finalists for the Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2018 shows the broad range of companies making their mark on the food industry.

Technology extends shelf life of dairy exports

A suite of drying technology platforms developed by researchers at Monash University could help extend the shelf life of Australia's powdered dairy exports – including infant formula – while meeting stringent safety and quality benchmarks.

Farm data and blockchain the future of agriculture

THE rising prevalence of agricultural data and the use of blockchain in the grain industry were key sticking points for industry professionals at the recent Innovation Generation conference in Wagga Wagga.

Sustainable sugar: Australia to employ blockchain to boost provenance and profitability

The Australian sugar industry's push for greater sustainability and traceability has received a shot in the arm, with its Coalition Government providing an A$2.25m grant to fund the Sustainable Sugar Project.

Western Australia holds hackathon to seek new digital solutions for agricultural sector

An agriculture hackathon (AgHack) was held in Perth to seek new digital solutions to drive growth and keep the state’s agricultural sector globally competitive.

Australian farming the focus of new Soil Research Centre

Australia’s largest collaborative soil research initiative, aimed at enabling farmers to increase their productivity and profitability, has launched today at the University of Newcastle.

Victorian Govt searches for “cutting-edge” IoT agtech

The Victorian Government has initiated a global search for “cutting-edge” Internet of Things (IoT) agtech.The move is designed to support on-farm IoT trials which will run in key agricultural areas, covering Victoria's major agriculture sectors of dairy, broad-acre cropping, meat production and horticulture.

A billion-dollar industry milks Monash Uni’s expertise

Professor Cordelia Selomulya and her team from Monash University’s Department of Chemical Engineering, along with international collaborators in China, US, and France, have developed world-first ‘Smart Drying’ technology to help optimise the current industry-standard spray drying conditions and their effect on the final powdered dairy products.

Improving the quality of fresh-cut fruit

Cutting up fruit into smaller portions is a more portable and convenient option for both children’s lunchboxes and on-the-go adults. But fruits such as watermelons are not always easy to cut, which is why ‘fresh cut’ portions can be more appealing.

Bush tucker doughnuts and curries for Melbourne diners the latest tastes of harvest from Arnhem Land

Bush foods that have been harvested for thousands of years in a remote Aboriginal community are being turned into products such as doughnuts and curries.

Future farms: broccoli lattes, digital dioramas and high-tech hens

Some of the top tech and innovations in agriculture, food and fibre from us and our partners that are sure to shape agribusiness and the food industry for the next five to ten years is on show at Ag Catalyst 2018, which wraps up today.

Wheat's genome sequence finally cracked in major DNA breakthrough by scientists after 13 year pursuit

Scientists have cracked the DNA sequence code of wheat — a major breakthrough that could improve global food security and offer comfort for those allergic to the world's most common crop.

Funding boost for AI research in farming to benefit growers

Griffith University’s leadership in incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into farming production to automate tasks such as strawberry quality control and larvae counting has been recognised with $5 million in funding from the Australian Government.

From farmer to pharma: SA companies join consortium to transform agricultural waste

Agricultural waste and products deemed not worthy of the supermarket shelf will be used to make a range of value added products including pharmaceuticals, food additives and cosmetics.Launched this month in South Australia, the $10.9 million Agricultural Product Development Research Consortium will be hosted at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus.

Disease-resistant crop technology gets $3m

Two technologies discovered by University of Queensland (UQ) researchers may soon be able to help farmers develop disease-resistant crops, thanks to a $3 million investment.

Compostable packaging and data management solutions feature at waste expo

Food industry professionals had a chance to share ideas on data management solutions and sustainable packaging at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE).The expo, held on the 29th and 30th of August, aimed to challenge thinking about current waste standards and the future of waste disposal and recovery.

Scientists find a way to zap fruit, killing mould and extending shelf life using air

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction — a low-energy, chemical-free process that can zap fresh produce, stopping mould spores from germinating and extending its shelf life for weeks.But that's what scientists at Murdoch University have developed, and it's causing great excitement among growers in Western Australia and around the world.

Call for young agricultural innovators

AUSTRALIA'S young agricultural scientists, innovators and researchers are being invited to submit their agricultural research project ideas for a chance to share in up to $286,000 in grant funding.

Emerging food-tech innovations ready to take the world by storm

An upgraded Apple iPhone is released every two years, but when’s the last time you noticed an improvement to an apple?Innovation in the world of food can often go unnoticed, but below are examples of game-changing research projects that will potentially revolutionise how we prepare and eat food. They include robotic, biocontrol and chemical solutions to some of our most pressing food issues.

Fine Food Australia names best new products

Fine Food Australia named its best New Retail Products this week.The triumphant products were Chan’s Yum Cha at Home Prawn Hargow and Vegetarian Shiitake Dumplings by Tasman Foods.

FIAL unveils its third innovation showcase

Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) has launched the third edition of its annual showcase of food and agribusiness innovations. The book celebrates diverse innovations, from novel ingredients such as Camel milk from QCamel, new methods of processing food waste such as regional biogas hubs from Utilitas, and innovative new processing technology such as E-FLO from Heat and Control.

Craft yet to peak in Australia says Adelaide lager champion

The man who won the title of Australia’s best craft beer with a simple lager this year believes that the craft beer market still has a long way to go, even if it should be at saturation point by now.

Agribusiness the backbone of SA economy

They help put food on our tables, contribute enormously to the state’s economy and uphold the livelihood of our regions.South Australian farmers are the lifeblood of our country communities and are big players in the state’s overall economic welfare, with agriculture contributing to 25% of our economy.

Digital agriculture: what’s all the fuss about?

Predictive analytics, remote sensing, knowledge management and blockchain: buzzwords or the ultimate disruptors? We take a look at upcoming digital technologies and discuss how they can reduce costs and boost farm productivity.

Australian government and corporations aim to have 100 per cent sustainable packaging by 2025

Australia’s ambitious 2025 national packaging targets have the Australian government and leaders in sectors including food and packaging working together to create a more environmentally friendly country.

Australia is becoming an Uber Eats nation

More than half of Australians are struggling to cook meals during the busy working week and often order in takeaway from the comfort of their couch.

Bread made from lentil flour could become the next health food craze

The health benefits of lentils are well known, but new research into lentil flour has shown those benefits are enhanced when it is baked in bread.

How Nexba Beverages turned iced tea into a war on obesity

Nexba Beverageshas just been recognised as the inaugural winner of the 2018 Telstra Alumni Achievement Award, and its vision to be a major player in the fight against sugar shows why.

Shockwave technology tenderises meat and improves eating quality of cheaper cuts, scientists say

Scientists have found the eating quality of tough cuts of meat like shank, silverside and chuck steak can be improved using shockwave technology, in what could be a win for farmers and consumers.

Leading chefs predict the key food trends for 2019

Ahead of tonight's Good Food Guide Awards, a panel of leading chefs identified regional dining, an educated public and the rise of plant-based eating as the key food trends for 2019.

Healthier grains on the way

The CSIRO and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found a way to develop grains with a much thicker and nutrient-dense outer layer.

Healthier beer? Scientists crack the barley genome

Scientists crack the genetic code of one of Australia's most important grains — barley — opening up the potential for healthier beer and more importantly drought resistant crops.

Cash ploughed into research

A TOMATO business using hyperspectral technology to identify plant diseases and another studying insectariums will receive a research grant from the Victorian Governments Horticulture Innovation Fund.

From Fake Fruits To Space Food: 3D Printing Will Shake Up The Food Industry 

3D printing is coming to the kitchen as new devices are being made to help users create custom concoctions.

New Startup Uses Mushroom Extracts As A Natural Bitter Blocker 

Hate the taste of healthy food? The world of bitter blockers is steadily growing and a new contender is using mushrooms to stand apart.

Here's What Our Food Might Look Like In A Climate Change-Induced Dystopia

"Food scientists are already looking to some dramatic-sounding options, from bugs to lab-grown meat to large fish farms, in order to feed a world whose population could approach 10 billion humans by 2050."

TNQ trailblazers win gold at international innovation awards

The Tablelands team that brought green banana flour to the world has been honoured at a glittering ceremony in NYC for their groundbreaking food processing technology.

Australia exhibits 3D printed meat - in pictures

Scientists and trade body Meat & Livestock Australia have unveiled a groundbreaking 3D meat printer that makes edible protein from liquid offal and mince.

Sugar Research Australia gets plant breeding boost 

"Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has added expertise and capacity to its sugarcane breeding program with the appointment of experienced plant breeder, Dr Jason Eglinton."

Pepsi Max Vanilla launches in Australia | Australian Food News

Pepsi Max Vanilla is now available in Australia.

From Raw to Retailer: 4 technology trends in food and beverage market

Emerging trends in products and packaging are sprouting innovative picking and packaging technologies for the food and beverage market.

These farms use sun and seawater to grow crops in the arid Australian desert

Sundrop farms are reinventing agriculture through a mix of solar power and hydroponic technology

Cider Australia reveals its plans for Export Program

Cider Australia reveals its strategies as part of securing funding under the Government’s $50m Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

How 3D food printers could improve mealtimes for people with swallowing disorders

There's a lot to consider in the problem of creating enjoyable foods for people with swallowing difficulties. Could 3D-printed food be part of the solution?

4 Food Tech Startups to Watch Out For in 2017 

Our list of Food Tech startups covers the interesting and the promising in the food tech world from robots to meat alternatives.

The Future Labratory

From pods to delivery-only dining, here are the things we learnt at the Future Laboratory’s Food and Drink Futures Forum.

Food agility research centre to find foods of the future

The Federal Government announces a new cooperative research centre investigating how to produce food for the future.

Connecting wine regions with early career researchers 

"Wine Australia is inviting early career researchers to apply for funding through the Incubator Initiative, a new program that will fund a series of regionally focused research projects."

Have researchers found a way to prevent mouldy food?

A new discovery may allow us to prevent food from going mouldy, drastically reducing the more than 30 per cent of purchased food in Australia that ends up in the bin.

Goodness for bones in new marine product – News

Seaweed-lobster jelly that helps children get more calcium is just one of several products set to roll out from Flinders University biomedical research team. A new …

Freeze-dried fruit tech helps reduce food waste

Freeze-dried food was once the staple of astronauts, but the technology could be the solution to saving billions of dollars worth of wasted Australian produce.

Awesome Alert: New Form of Sustainable Packaging Has Created An Edible Water Bottle | SnapMunk

An edible water bottle? Sounds crazy but at least it's one way to beat the recycling problem. Making an edible solution

Amfora Raises $5 Million in Series A Venture Round

"Amfora Inc., a biotech start-up focused on developing crops with enhanced nutritional content, today announced the closing of a Series A financing. San Francisco-based Spruce Capital, co-manager of the MLS Fund II, led the round, which included participation from The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the globally renowned Australian-based national science agency."

Australia’s CSIRO deal with Amfora to stimulate new food oils | Australian Food News

The CSIRO has discovered how to stimulate higher-levels of oil production in stems and leaves, parts of plants which normally do not produce much oil.

Future Food-Tech: Developing Solutions to Meet the Global Food Challenge – Food Tank

As part of Rethink Ag and Food Innovation Week, the Future Food-Tech Summit will be held in Silicon Valley on March 29 and 30, 2017.

AgTech: The emerging opportunity for fin services | NAB News

For industries like Agriculture, there is an emerging opportunity to leverage new technology and digital capability to transform process and practice.

Autumn set for ‘world's first’ low-GI bread, sugar, noodle launches

Low-GI bread, sugar and noodles, and salt with 40% less sodium content, are all poised to blast onto the market this year, thanks to a Malaysian-Australian company that specialises in developing “groundbreaking” ingredients.

The Future of Food Production Will Look a Lot Like Brewing Beer

Companies from Cargill to Impossible Foods to Perfect Day are using fermenting yeast to make ingredients hard to find in nature.

SproutX closes AU$10m agtech fund with backing from Artesian and Hostplus 

SproutX has closed its AU$10 million VC fund and is now looking for 10 agtech startups to participate in its accelerator program.

Nutritious Seaweed and Lobster Jelly Snack is Dairy-Free Alternative for Kids Who Shun Milk

"South Australian researchers have developed a jelly snack for children made from seaweed and lobster in a bid to boost their calcium levels as large amounts of kids are not drinking enough milk."

Innovative Apac: Packaged foods that stand out from the crowd

From nuts made with clean formulations to snacks that shine a spotlight on ancient grains, the pursuit of healthier lifestyles among today's consumers has resulted in a rise in food and drink innovations that seek to fulfil the different aspects

‘Food tech’ sector trying to take a bite out of US$1.4 trillion market

In the same week that Canada’s first meal-kit company announced plans to go public, a U.S. brokerage company published a report on the emergence of online food models

Video: How agtech is transforming Australia's multibillion-dollar food production sector 

"From collecting data on harmful fruit flies to help a whole community of agribusinesses, to replacing dated paper systems with online platforms, agtech is making a notable impact on regional Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, agricultural production in Australia will hit $63 billion this financial year."