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State of the Industry 2015

This is the seventh edition of the AFGC's annual State of the Industry series, providing key data on the food and grocery sector in order to inform rational and face-based analysis and policy.

China Insights Report

CHINA INSIGHTS REPORTS Beginning February 2016, FIAL will bring you a series of in-market China reports that focuses on particular food products in mainland China. We hope you find these reports useful, let us know your feedback at info@fial.com.au Muesli - China Insights Report – Feb 2016 Cakes - China Insights Report – March 2016 Chocolate - China Insights Report – April 2016 Coffee - China Insights Report – May 2016 Ready Meals & Desserts - China Insights Report

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz's Insights

HONG KONG INSIGHT REPORT FIAL chairman Peter Schutz travelled to Hong Kong as a guest of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The "One Country Two Systems" arrangement in Hong Kong provide a level of security and confidence for Australian businesses wanting to establish trade with China. Peter highlighted that there are several tax and tariff advantages for companies wishing to manufacture or transform their product in Hong Kong due to its free trade agreement with China. These

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz reports on his trip to Israel

Mr Schutz, FIAL's Chairman, headed a delegation to Israel in November 2016 and was accompanied by FIAL’s General Manager for Market Development, Najib Lawand. The trade mission was organised by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce to highlight the innovative agri-food technology that has been developed there, and to demonstrate why Israel is ranked as the 3rd most innovative country in the world – and to see what lessons Australia can take from this.

Size of the Prize: An Overview of 16 Opportunities for Australian Food & Agribusinesses

The food and agribusiness sector is faced with a number of challenges and opportunities related to demand, supply, innovation, and regulation that will shape the evolution of the sector over the next 5-10 years.

Opportunity Overview: Reducing Packaging Waste

Plastics is the fastest growing segment within sustainable packaging. However, it is estimated that 95 percent of plastic packaging material value is lost after a short first-use cycle.

Food Waste Infographic

Food Waste Infographic