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True Aussie symbol’s role in export markets

AMID the chilled meat cabinets of retailers across the world, how does Australian red meat differentiate itself from its many competitors, jostling for position in increasingly crowded export markets?

Dairy-free Down Under brings its vegan cheese overseas

Cheese maker Dairy-Free Down Under is bringing its plant-based cheese overseas.

“Quite humbling”: Remote Queensland agtech picked by Microsoft for one of six AI grants

A Queensland agtech startup is the only private company to be selected for one of six AI grants from tech giant Microsoft, receiving a cash injection and a vote of confidence the founder says is “quite humbling”.

Solar powered desalination offers hope of a global shift in agriculture

A revolution in irrigation that could secure water supplies and food production during drought is the goal of researchers at UNSW’s Global Water Institute.

Farmers2Founders program kicks off

A common paradigm in the agtech space is the Silicon Valley style start-up promising the earth if farmers would just take a risk on their unproven, and often unwanted, technology. Two Australian based entrepreneurs are approaching technology from the opposite direction, focusing on the farmers first.

Macadamia industry hosts challenge aimed at developing new food concepts

Australia's macadamia nut industry has hosted a challenge to develop new food concepts and drive demand for Australia's native nut amid increasing global supply. In a nutshell, the brief was to create an innovative new food product with the macadamia as the star ingredient.