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Connecting with international buyers without leaving Australia!

Silly Yak is a specialist baked goods manufacturer, with over 75 individual products. They are in the process of expanding overseas and using the Australian Food Catalogue to do so.

Sheep whey spirits add value through innovation

A distillery at Birchs Bay in Tasmania pioneers the use of sheep whey to make gin and vodka.

How Australian cocoa growers are future-proofing against a chocolate shortage 

Climate change could crumble the global chocolate industry in 30 years, but Australian farmers and cocoa growers are future-proofing their produce.

Australia expected to become world's top medicinal cannabis supplier: health minister

Australia will get the green light to start exporting medicinal cannabis products and the federal health minister hopes it can become the world's top supplier.

Tasmania’s food and wine heaven comes together for annual event

"Northern Tasmania’s premier summer event, Festivale, is a celebration of the finest produce and gastronomical delights the state has to offer.The annual three-day celebration aims to present the beautiful foods and beverages that are crafted by restaurants, vineyards, and distilleries statewide."

2018 and beyond: Five mega-trends set to shape the food industry

FoodNavigator looks at five mega-trends that are set to influence the future of innovation in the food sector.