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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What if someone was able to think like you? What if that same person was able to perform tasks in the exactly the same way as you would? What if that person could relieve you of the menial tasks that you don't like to do? What if that person was a machine? What would say?

CSIRO Futures Roadmap for Growth

CSIRO Futures worked with FIAL and other industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.

Technology Insight: ​Self-Healing Materials

What if there was a way for holes in your packaging to disappear after tearing? What if there was a way for the collapsed jelly to regain its original shape? Read more about self-healing materials and how they can help extend the shelf-life of your product or improve your process.

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz reports on his trip to Israel

Mr Schutz, FIAL's Chairman, headed a delegation to Israel in November 2016 and was accompanied by FIAL’s General Manager for Market Development, Najib Lawand. The trade mission was organised by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce to highlight the innovative agri-food technology that has been developed there, and to demonstrate why Israel is ranked as the 3rd most innovative country in the world – and to see what lessons Australia can take from this.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Would you like to learn how computers can give you more time to work on growing your business? Read more about Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Australia’s Space Industry Capability

The Australian Government announced a Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability to enable Australia to capitalise on increasing opportunities in the global space industry sector.