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Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Would you like to learn how computers can give you more time to work on growing your business? Read more about Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Australia’s Space Industry Capability

The Australian Government announced a Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability to enable Australia to capitalise on increasing opportunities in the global space industry sector.

Australia's recent meat export performance

Australia is a large country geographically that has the capacity to meet domestic demand for beef, lamb and chicken meat as well as efficiently supply large global markets.

Intelligent packaging

Intelligent packaging technologies (e.g. QR codes) are incorporated or embedded in food packaging.

Concentrating milk using reverse osmosis

It has been shown that milk can be concentrated to 50 per cent of the original volume without adversely affecting its quality.

High pressure processing

High pressure processing (HPP) is a technology developed to pasteurise food products without heat in order to destroy yeasts, moulds and harmful bacteria, and extend the shelf life of chilled perishable products.

High temperature heat pumps

Heat pumps have been developed in the last decade to be able to deliver heat reliably at temperatures of well over 70°C (and up to generating steam). This has greatly extended the range of applications.

Boosting energy productivity—primer

An examination of new technologies and business models found key energy productivity opportunities for the food industry.

Market Insights & Opportunities, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an attractive market for Australian businesses as it imports over 90% of its food requirements and has a large expat population (including 90,000 Australians) who demand western imported foods.

Insights from the Iran Market

The recent relaxing of trade sanctions present a number of opportunities for Australian businesses interested in doing business in Iran. The growing demand for imported products and the current limited offerings provide an excellent ‘first mover’ opportunity for Australian food & beverage brands.

Gulfood Trade Show Market Insights

In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional foods to Western-style convenience foods within the Gulf Cooperative Council. This has increasingly been driven by the rapidly growing tourist population and emerging affluence that is pushing the demand for high quality, organic and specialised foods.

European Clusters Tour Report

Clusters are groups of similar and related businesses in a defined geographic area that share common markets, technologies and worker skill needs. By working together they can leverage each other's activities.

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz Reports on His Trip to Australia-US Business Week

Peter Schutz, the Chairman of FIAL attended the Australia-US Business Week in Chicago, Illinois. Whilst there he gained insights into how companies in the US foster a culture of innovation in the workplace.

European Clusters Tour Report

Europe is the home of clusters and innovation leaders and this report provides an overview of cluster organisations and how Australia can embrace clusters.

Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate Change, food and Farming in Australia

Climate change may affect our food supply, both directly and indirectly. These impacts will in turn affect everyday Australian households.

Our Future World: Global Megatrends That Will Change the Way We Live

The narrative of the future presented in this report is constructed from six interlinked megatrends.

State of the Industry 2015

This is the seventh edition of the AFGC's annual State of the Industry series, providing key data on the food and grocery sector in order to inform rational and face-based analysis and policy.

UTS Review - Management Influences on Innovation

University of Technology Sydney UTS on F&B companies recommends that the greatest opportunities to lift innovation culture.