Halving Australia's Food Waste by 2030


About the Event

The team from FIAL invites you to join our food waste baseline update.

Food waste is a global challenge that has environmental, economic and social impacts. In 2017, the Australian Government committed to halving food waste in Australia by 2030.

The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), is working with leading international consultancies Edge, WRAP, 3Keel and Lifecycles to better understand what will be required for Australia to meet its 50% food waste reduction target. More information on the project can be found here.

One of the first steps of the project is to better understand where in the supply chain food waste is occurring and where in the food recovery hierarchy that food is ending up. This work is building on the Arcadis baseline released in 2019, and will help identify Australian specific ‘Hotspots’, interventions and the subsequent mapping of possible delivery trajectories towards the 2030 target. The project is now at a stage where the project team would like to share some interim findings and highlight some specific areas of the supply chain where data confidence is currently quite low; and we are seeking the support of food companies and others to improve the quality and coverage of the data in the revised baseline.

When: Wednesday, 21st October 2020

Start time: 3pm (AEDT)

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Zoom

Registrations close at 4pm (AEDT), Tuesday 20th October 2020


Sam Oakden – FIAL - Project intro and background

Max Van Biene – Project Manager – Edge environment

Tim Grant – Technical Lead on Baseline update - Lifecycles

Mark Barthel – Special Advisor Food Waste – Fight Food Waste CRC

*Limited spots are available