FIAL's partnership with Proportion Foods is creating radical change

  • 12/12/2017

ProPortion Food’s mission is to co-create great tasting foods and nutritional supplements to support healthy aging. They do this by working alongside research partners to ensure their foods are made with ingredients that have solid scientific evidence to support efficacy.

Striving to make foods with purpose, by bringing science and nutrition together in order to produce great-tasting, nutrient dense foods is the forward thinking that prompted a partnership with FIAL and CSIRO - to develop a novel protein ingredient that effectively maintains muscle mass and muscle strength in older adults.

Sarcopenia is a major component of age-related lean muscle mass loss, and is a large contributor to falls and fractures within the aging population. Accidents of this nature cost Australian health care providers billions of dollars every year.

Australia has an aging population which breeds opportunity for food processors. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that in 2016, there were 3.7 million (15%) Australians aged 65 and over-increasing from 319,000 (5%) in 1926 and 1.3 million (9%) in 1976. The number and proportion of older Australians is expected to continue to grow. By 2056, it is projected there will be 8.7 million older Australians (22% of the population); by 2096, 12.8 million people (25%) will be aged 65 years and over.

FIAL’s Project Fund supports cutting edge projects for small and large businesses in the food and agribusiness sector by providing matched 1:1 funding to help bridge the gap between, cash flow, research, development and production. The combination of FIAL’s Project Fund & Cluster Programme is changing the game for the industry – by removing funding as an obstacle in product development, FIAL fosters a world of possibility for companies brave enough to walk through unchartered territories with the intention of transforming the health and lives of Australians.

The partnership between FIAL, Proportion Foods, and CSIRO is a partnership of like-minded individuals geared towards creating radical change in the aging demographics’ overall health and wellbeing. This partnership is a perfect example of how collaboration can align research and manufactures to develop transformational products.

“Without this funding, we wouldn’t have been able to move forward” said Kevin Beaman, CEO of ProPortion Foods.

Watch the ProPortion Foods Case Study:

By combining expertise and resources, we can build a better future together. We can accelerate growth, and expand our knowledge in the food and agribusiness sector, thus promoting sustainable growth and innovation not only in our own backyard, but internationally as well.

Are you interested in moving forward but need funding to get there? Talk to FIAL, we can help you get there.

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