Connecting Australian Businesses with the Australian Food & Agribusiness Directory

  • 31/01/2018

There is no doubt that Australia’s food and agribusiness industry is growing rapidly and providing significant economic contribution to the region through employment, export and service opportunities. Australia has a reputation for producing high quality food and beverage products, and is home to world class researchers, universities and infrastructure.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with the food and agribusiness sector. Asia’s growing population and increasing appetite for Australian exported food provides huge opportunities for Australian businesses to carve out market share and increase the sustainability of the industry. To ensure we capitalise on the plethora of opportunities at hand, we must collaborate and work together.

FIAL’s Chairman Peter Schutz says:

“in the last 30 years the world has changed, and we have to change with it. Australian businesses must collaborate in order to win globally. As Aussies, we are faced with challenges and the only way we will overcome these is by banding together and working together.”

So how do businesses work together? By first having a conversation…

For the first time, over 3,000 industry businesses from all over Australia will be listed in the Australian Food & Agribusiness Directory. This online directory allows individuals to use one source to find potential partners, suppliers, and distributors across the food and agribusiness industry.

FIAL, AIFST and AIP in collaboration with Data61 have created this easy-to-use directory and searchable map of Australia that will help businesses connect with other stakeholders from across the entire industry value chain.

The directory includes the ability to filter targeted searches to find the right people and businesses. There’s also the option to use the map of Australia to find local businesses around you. Businesses who have registered have a profile hosted on the website with all their details. Simple, isn’t it!?

This tool makes it easier than ever for businesses to find each other to innovate, collaborate and grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace. So, what are you waiting for? Head over and start searching today!

Don’t forget to also register your business profile today too by clicking here.

Interested to learn more about the Directory?

Watch this video to find out more about the Australian Food and Agribusiness Directory. It includes players from all across the industry spanning from growers through to food manufacturers, researchers, packaging companies and retailers along with industry support services including logistics, legal services, finance and consultants to help you find the right business partner for success.