Retail Readiness & Private Labelling

This workshop is suitable for food and beverage businesses who:

Are at a crossroad with the growth and development of their business, and would like to investigate new opportunities

Want to learn more about how private label and retail works

Are about the enter the retail industry or launch a need productNeed support to clarify their options and get expert advice from industry experts

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to move forward in the retail industry. It will define private label and give an overview of the industry, including what drives it and who owns the brand. It will cover the difference between key major Australian retailers including ALDI, Coles, Woolworths and independents, so participants can decide what retailer is the right fit for their business.

By attending the Retail and Private Label Readiness workshop, participants will discover how retail and private label can be avenues of growth for their business. It is designed to give SME's the skills and confidence to make better business decisions and compete more effectively in retail, particularly supermarkets.

Following this workshop, supplier will be able to:

Challenge their current thinking about opportunities in retail

Understand Branded and Private Label buyer KPI's

Develop the know-how to manage their both their own profitability, as well as their retail customers profitability

Understand the market assessment process and how to engage with buyers

Identify and communicate their hero product, or what they are famous for

Prepare an engaging presentation to meet their potential customers needs

Case studies, exercises and resources will be workshopped to enable participants to develop tangible retail and private label specific strategies and tactics.