Win-Win Negotiations Workshop

Do businesses in your region have a brilliant product? Now is there time to get distribution!

This bespoke negotiation workshop specifically addresses the challenge of securing profitable distribution. This one day workshop provides participants with the tools to negotiate successful within any environment. It is suitable for new and existing businesses.

This workshop will help participants answer some key questions:

What makes the buyer tick?

What angle will press the right buttons and get you over the line?

How can you tell the right story? Or, how can you get the right deal without selling the whole farm?

How can you prepare for a meeting?

This workshop will cover the difference between international and domestic buyers, and explain how to communicate in a language that traders will understand.

Participants will explore the challenging environment of buyers expectations, as an understanding of buyer metrics and their expectations of businesses is crucial to a successful negotiation.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

Resources to plan a pitch

The knowledge to develop a captivating presentation

The confidence to develop a strong commercial position

By the end of the day, participants will be confident that they are equipped to secure the right distribution for their products.