Are You Ready For Export

Are Your Ready For Export is a one-day workshop designed to help Australian food and agribusinesses build a world-class export plan.

Workshop participants will leave with a deeper understanding of:

The role of export in their broader business strategy

Market prioritisation, including the tools to focus their export efforts on the right countries

How to identify their target consumer

Tips to develop a brand positioning statement and how to articulate what is differentiated about their brand and products

The different pathways and opportunities available, such as retail and food-service

Market entry options, including the advantages and disadvantages across all models from consolidator to eCommerce

How to understand their core competencies and how to leverage them

Market-bases pricing model principals to build sustainable profits

Support for the next steps, including federal and local government support mechanisms

Participants are provided with detailed country profiles and case studies to deepen their knowledge, as well as a Learning Log that contains all the information given in the workshop. Participants will leave with an export plan template, and the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop this plan into real results.