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FIAL Collaborative Circles

With markets and business conditions changing with increasing speed, it's no longer possible for companies, large or small, to rely on just their own capabilities. The knowledge and skills of others are powerful assets to help you keep pace and fast track solutions through tapping into their experience, connections and skills.  In effect this expanded network makes your business larger, more agile and current.

But it's not just one way traffic; it’s the help you, in turn, can give to support others that together creates a higher value network for your region or the related food industry.

What is a collaborative circle?

A Collaborative Circle is a powerful process to generate innovative ideas through collaboration to help address unsolved technical problems with immediate actionable outcomes.

A Collaborative Circle can help with diverse challenges.

Technical challenges can include packaging, sustainable solutions, uses for waste, supply chain issues, sourcing ingredients, processing problems, export barriers and more.  

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If your company has a technical challenge you’re willing to share with other non-competitive peer organisations, they in turn will share their contacts and solutions. In return, you will help them provide solutions to their challenges from your own experience and contacts.


If you would you like to gather together a local cluster or group of companies who share a common problem relating to product, processing, supply chain or export opportunities, a Collaborative Circle can help you both share and create new solutions.

Collaborative Partners

FIAL offers Collaborative Circles nationwide. They run over a half day.

  • Share challenges with peers, rather than suppliers selling solutions
  • Share and learn from real business and market experience, insights and contacts
  • Grow wider collaborative networks for the future
  • Receive tangible solutions for commercial outcomes
  • Collaborative Circle participants have come away with an average of 3 tangible solutions to follow up for each challenge, equivalent to $20 million
    of potential incremental revenue


"The benefit is the networking made between like-minded people and it is a practical workshop with some very specific and useful outcomes”, says Allan Ryan, Executive Director of Catalyst Exchange. “They build ‘social capital’ of trust, cooperation and connection and reciprocity."