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Through matched funding, our Cluster Programme encourages businesses, public agencies, research and educational institutions to align and work together, to build on their competitive advantage, and develop solutions to challenges and opportunities that they otherwise could not resolve on their own.

A cluster is a group of businesses, government agencies, research and associated organisations in a defined geographic area that are interconnected and share a common purpose or interest where each contribute to enhance the innovation, growth and competitiveness of both the region and businesses.

There are many examples around the globe that show innovative clusters accelerate:

New knowledge and capabilities;
New product development;
New business start-ups;
Private & public investment;
Productivity improvements;
Increased competitiveness, and
Export growth.

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Matched funding case studies

When businesses and researchers work together, the results are innovative and market-led. Watch some of the below case studies to see how challenges and have been turned into solutions and opportunities.