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Collaborative Partners

Expressions of interests are welcome from companies to participate in ‘The Enterprise Solution Centre’. This program, previously referred to as the SME Solution Centre, is now being funded by both CSIRO and FIAL.

The program connects companies to expertise, technical and/or research advice to provide a solution to a technical challenge which businesses are unable to solve themselves in order to take advantage of a market opportunity. The new solution, when supported with training that builds business capability, is designed to increase the competitiveness of the company in their desired markets.

A 1:1 matched company funding is a requirement to participate.

To date, FIAL has partnered with more than 20 companies on research projects of varying scale which have the potential to deliver >$40M in sales once launched.

For immediate enquires please email us on

Details on the application process and criteria are attached here.

Expression of Interest Application Form can be downloaded here and emailed to


  • be an operating food and agribusiness manufacturing company which has a technical challenge you cannot solve yourself. You cannot be a start-up
  • have a defined path to a market channel for the solution
  • able to co-fund half the project
  • training must be integrated into the project in order to develop the business skills or processes to successfully implement the innovation
  • willingness to share your learnings and approach to the wider F&B industry, while your company can own the IP that results

This is just one of the many groundbreaking innovation programs that FIAL is offering to food and agribusiness companies.

reviews of the 2014 SME Solutions Centre program

A reveiw was undertaken with companies that had participated in the 2014 SME Solution Centre to determine the impact of the program and identifty areas for further enhancement. This was undertaken by the Design Innovation Research Centre at University of Technology Sydney, UTS.

Read the summary of the UTS: DIRC study
Read the full report 2014/15 SME Solutions Program Review prepared by UTS DIRC - March 2015

Case Studies 

24 projects were completed in the SME Solution Centre during 2014. Watch the stories of individual companies and the work of our research partners.

 Clextral and Flavourtech

Through the FIAL funded SME Solution Centre, CSIRO and Clextral have developed a world-first spray drying process called EPT (Extrusion porosification technology), which uses significantly less energy than conventional spray drying, preserves more flavour and nutrition and will enable development of new and improved food products. Australian company, Flavourtech, is in the process of commercialising the technology for tea and coffee globally.  


 Community Chef

Community Chef is the largest provider of prepared meals for the aged and disability care sector in Australia. Through the SME Solution Centre and collaboration with CSIRO, Community Chef accessed leading dietitians to review their recipes to increase the nutritional density while reducing portion size suited to smaller appetites of older people. This will enable them to better meet consumer needs and expand their meals to new customers and channels.  

 Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder undertook a collaborative project within the SME Solution Centre program working with CSIRO and the support of FIAL funding. Their challenge was to update their dressings to meet changing customer needs while maintaining complete food safety. Immediate access to the technical skills and existing solutions at CSIRO enabled them to achieve their solution without having to invest in their internal capabilities that would have taken much more time to come on stream.  

 Spanish Boutique Beverages

Researchers used the DAF technical expertise and facilities to conduct trials on SKA Sangria to extend the shelf life while maintaining product quality as well as trialling new product extensions. They also used the sensory consumer taste facilities to test flavour profiles and preferences. This will enable SBB to expand distribution locally as well as consider export markets.