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Overview of the Project Fund


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Do you have an innovation challenge in your business? Find out how our co-funded grants can help you!

The FIAL’s Project Fund supports innovation projects that encourage collaboration between small and large businesses in the food and agribusiness sector, to lift productivity and competitiveness.

How? By offering matched funding of over $100,000 to help you solve an innovation challenge.

This is a competitive programme guided by the priorities of the Growth Centre Initiatives. Projects that involve and benefit multiple businesses across the sector will be viewed more favourably for funding. 

Project Fund Eligibility Guidelines
Project Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are open - click here to apply.


Recently funded projects:

FIAL has recently received 8 applications, of which the industry-led expert panel awarded funds to 3.  Collectively, these projects will build the sector’s capability and deliver tangible results, with the potential to deliver over $100 million in additional sales for Australia. 

Project one, led by Logio, will develop an automated, rapid test for determining the Glycaemic Index (GI) of a food.  GI is an indicator of the blood glucose-raising potential of carbohydrates in a food. Outcomes from the work will allow lower GI foods to be developed with greater speed and at reduced cost.  This will help  to address the major challenges of diabetes in Australia and around the world.

Project two, led by Australian Lemon Myrtle Products, has identified plant extracts as an  effective food preservative. Funds will be used to research safe and scalable delivery streams of food preservatives using Lemon Myrtle.

Project three, led by Simplot, will provide a proof of concept for the application of a novel technology, Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilisation (MATS), that reduces time, cost and energy of making ready to eat meals.  This technology also has the potential of extending the ready meal shelf life. 

FIAL is currently calling for industry-led consortia to apply for funding that focuses on building the capability of the sector or addressing challenges impeding their competitiveness. Click here to apply.