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European Clusters Tour Report

Prepared by: Peter Schutz and Mirjana Prica

Clusters are groups of similar and related businesses in a defined geographic area that share common markets, technologies and worker skill needs. Europe has a strong cluster approach to operating their economy and there are many examples across the continent that shows the improved economic activity resulting from the agglomeration of like-minded or related businesses in a region. Peter Schutz and Mirjana Prica, the Chairman and Managing Director of FIAL travelled to Europe to attend conferences on Clusters and Regional Innovation Policies to bring back learnings and recommendations for local implementation.


Download the report (pdf)

FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz Reports on his trip to Australia-US Business Week

Prepared by: Peter Schutz

Peter Schutz, the Chairman of FIAL attended the Australia-US Business Week in Chicago, Illinois. Whilst there he gained insights into how companies in the US foster a culture of innovation in the workplace. He also met with numerous stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities for Australian suppliers wanting to expand into the US Market.

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European Clusters Tour Report

Prepared by: Food Innovation Australia Ltd

Europe is the home of clusters and innovation leaders. In April 2016 Peter Schutz, FIALs Chairman and Mirjana Prica, FIALs Managing Director met with 23 clusters, networks, governments, universities and research institutes across six European countries. This report provides an overview of the organisations that were met along with Peter and Mirjana's insights and observations.

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Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate change, Food and Farming in Australia

Prepared by: Climate Council of Australia LTD

The focus of this report is the way in which climate change may affect our food supply, both directly and indirectly. These impacts will in turn affect everyday Australian households as food prices and food availability become more volatile and affect the economies and social fabric of those communities that rely on agricultural production.

Download the report (pdf)

Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages: A 21st Century Agrifood Sector

Prepared by: Business Council of Australia

This is the Business Council of Australia’s study of the Australian agrifood sector. This study seeks to outline a contemporary vision for the sector and to identify the actions necessary to improve the sector’s competitiveness to facilitate future growth.

Download the paper (pdf)

Our Future World: Global megatrends that will change the way we live

Prepared by: CSIRO

The narrative of the future presented in this report is constructed from six interlinked megatrends. A megatrend is a significant shift in environmental, economic and social conditions that will play out over the coming decades.

Download the report (pdf)

State of the Industry 2015

Prepared by: Australian Food & Grocery Council and EY

This is the seventh edition of the AFGC's annual State of the Industry series, providing key data on the food and grocery sector in order to inform rational and face-based analysis and policy.

Download the paper (pdf)

WHO Estimates of the Global Burden of Foodborne Disease

Prepared by: Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemology Reference Group 2007-2015

Foodborne diseases have been an issue for all societies since the beginning of humanity. The types, severity and impacts of these illnesses have changed through the ages and are still diverse across regions, countries and communities.

Download the report (pdf)

Final Precinct Report

Prepared by: Food Innovation Australia Limited Ltd

Download the paper (pdf)


Prepared by: University of Technology Sydney UTS

A review by University of Technology Sydney UTS on F&B companies recommends that the greatest opportunities to lift innovation culture, productivity and competitiveness lie in improving management practices and workforce skills as well as encouraging collaboration between MNCs and SMEs.

To read more, download UTS Executive Summary and UTS Full Report Management Influences on Innovation.

2015 CRC ProgramME Review

Prepared by: Mr David  A Miles AM, former Chair of Innovation Australia

Download the paper (pdf)


Prepared by: The Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics, Victoria University, Melbourne – November 2014

This is a guide to the mainly food warehousing and storage available nationally with key players and links. It is designed to enable companies to review their options and make contact with suppliers in proximity to manufacturing, distribution and retail sites. The focus is on short term and seasonal storage options and also looks at warehousing models and geographical locations.

Download the paper (pdf)

The Food and Beverage Market in Australia

Prepared by: Edgar Brea – The University of Queensland

Food for thought. This concise overview of the food and beverage market examines how the opportunities of market trends, new consumer and market demand plays out against challenges and the needs of firms to improve their productivity, technology and capability.

Download the paper (pdf)

Food Patent Report

Prepared by: IP Australia, Department of Industry

This report analyses food inventions originating from Australia. The number of patents filed can be used as an indicator of the scope, quality and impact of innovative activity within the food sector.
The study identified 1,050 food related inventions that originated from Australia between 2000 and 2011. Australia ranks 14th in food patenting globally and this performance is comparable with Canada and Sweden.

Download the paper (pdf)