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Are you at a crossroads about how to grow your business post-COVID-19?
Does your current business mix require changes? Do you need other growth options?
Is diversifying out from your current business model a daunting prospect?

Introducing FIAL’s Market Diversification Virtual Workshop. Combining a three-part webinar with a one-on-one consultation, this interactive online event will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to diversify and grow your business in the post-COVID-19 landscape.

Gain the skills and confidence required to increase your competitiveness in the retail, foodservice and ecommerce channels, as well as assess other viable channels to include in your business growth strategy.

A bespoke event, the exercises will be curated to focus on the current business challenges facing participants, enabling the development of tangible business specific strategies and initiatives. All while learning from your industry peers.

The final session will be followed by an optional one-on-one video consultation with the facilitator. This is a valuable opportunity to pick the brains of an industry expert for possible solutions to your specific challenges as you continue to move forward.


Assist participants in discovering domestic opportunities that will deliver growth and reduce risk.

Assist participants with current customers (improved customer and channel planning and execution); and expand on current customer base (new customers and channels).


    • Understand increased supply chain complexities and their implications for future market diversification strategies
    • Develop a strategic planning template with sequential developmental frameworks
    • Develop tangible growth strategies and tactics to enhance your business’ growth prospect
    • Challenge or complement your current thinking about growth opportunities
    • Understand how to manage your profitability and your customer’s profitability
    • Understand the market assessment process and how to identify opportunities
    • Identify and communicate ‘what you are famous for’
    • Understand what you need to do to position your business for growth
    • Understand what actions you must take to create new growth platforms.


Session 1: 16th June 2020
Time: 11am to 1pm (AEST)

Session 2: 23rd June 2020
Time: 11am to 1pm (AEST)

Session 3: 3rd July 2020
Time: 11am to 1pm (AEST)
Note: After this webinar concludes, participants will have the opportunity to meet with the facilitators for a 30-minute one-on-one consultation session.



Diversification is an essential ingredient to accelerating market opportunities. COVID-19 is pushing many businesses to diversify, whether it is finding new retail channels and markets or creating entirely new product offerings.


This event is designed to benefit small and medium Australian businesses from the food and agribusiness industry sector.


Peter Huskins - Company Director | Shopability

John Day - Business Structure & Process Change | Shopability


FIAL is the catalyst that encourages the food sector to collaborate to grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace. It influences the industry by sharing knowledge, building capability and creating connections This event is designed to benefit small and medium Australian businesses from the Food and Agribusiness industry sector.

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1. All participants are responsible for attending the virtual workshop sessions and to complete all training activities.

2. Please note this event is tailored towards food companies in the Food and Agribusiness industry and places will be prioritised for companies within the industry.

3. You may be invited from time to time, by e-mail or telephone, to take part in surveys and case-studies. These surveys and case-studies may contain information about this event or other FIAL activities you may have participated in. FIAL reserves the right to exclude participants who provide false or misleading answers. FIAL reserves the copyright for all survey content.

4. Food Innovation Australia Ltd reserves the right to cancel/change the event itself and/or speakers, guests, agendas, presenters without prior notice. Full refunds will be provided for events where fees were charged. FIAL bears no responsibility for any travel costs incurred by participants associated as a result of cancellation/changes to the event.

5. FIAL does not guarantee a commercial result from attending a virtual workshop, webinar, online event or training courses.

6.FIAL requires payment in full upon registration. Registrations may be cancelled up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the event. Cancellation fees may apply.