Reinvigorating Business


About the Event

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As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, businesses are asking critical questions with difficult answers – ‘what do we do now?’, ‘what is the new normal?’, ‘do I need to do my business differently or not?’, ‘how do I recover and do business in a supposedly new world?’. While it would seem that having answers to questions such as these are necessary precursors to restarting and reinvigorating one’s business, the fact is that these questions are unanswerable in any definitive way. We are in a transition economy where business certainty doesn’t exist. Instead, we need to reinvigorate our business in a context of uncertainty and within a business landscape made of ‘shifting sands’. A special type of business and industry leadership is required, namely, adaptive leadership.

In this interactive webinar, strategist Dr Gary Saliba and neuro-behavioural modelling researcher Marvin Oka will show you how, as an adaptive leader, to think differently and effectively in order to restart and reinvigorate your business in a transition economy. This webinar is not about prescriptive ‘off the shelf solutions’ and politically correct ‘answers’ to unanswerable questions. Instead, this webinar will give you practical frameworks and leadership thinking tools to re-assess and re-imagine how your business can work effectively in an emerging and continually changing new world.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Why there are no pre-made solutions for success in a transition economy, and why your ability to re-think and re-imagine your business is essential.
  • The difference between Technical vs Adaptive challenges, and how it impacts your business leadership style, thinking and effectiveness.
  • How to use powerful strategic questions to transform your thinking and understanding of your business to emerge new insights and possibilities for thriving in a transition economy.
  • How to determine what to change and what stays the same in how you do business into the future.
  • How to think and respond as an effective, adaptive leader in how business can be done in a transition economy.

Your Webinar Presenters


Gary Saliba is director of Strategic Journeys, a company which assists people to understand and respond to complexity and uncertainty. His focus is in the use of the principles and practices of complex adaptive systems, systems thinking/mapping and futures work. Gary has assisted people in public and private sector businesses in a range of industries across Australia and South East Asia to undertake strategy development, business reform, organisational design, cultural shaping and leadership development. He has been also been working closely with the food and agribusiness industry through FIAL in supporting transformational cultural change, to enable the industry to flourish into the future.


Marvin Oka is recognised as a world leader and authority in the field of Neuro-Behavioural Modelling and behavioural change technologies. He is an international consultant and speaker with corporate and government clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Marvin is a certified Master Behavioural Modeller, and has developed numerous ground-breaking behavioural change methodologies including Generative Learning, Wellness Languaging, Generative Inner Work Coaching, mBraining/mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques – in collaboration with Grant Soosalu), along with several corporate and business methodologies for strategy development, leadership development, culture shaping, buyer-centric/value-centric selling, and customer-centric product/service design.