Technology Insight: Touchless Sensing

  • 16/01/2018
  • Technical Insight

Technology Insight: Touchless Sensing

Imagine what you could do in your food plant with just a wink of the eye? Imagine if your voice allows you to control your farm from anywhere in the world? Just imagine what you could do with touchless sensing - Peter Schutz

Commonly used touchless sensing technologies are gesture recognition and speech/voice recognition. In gesture recognition, finger and hand gesture movements enable user interaction with machines, with no physical contact with digital devices. Gesture movement tracking is mostly based on video capturing methods using 2D or specialised 3D camera systems. For speech/voice recognition technology, external devices are accessed and controlled through voice command signals.

Although, the touchless technology market is currently at a nascent stage, it has been gaining momentum over the last few years, and is poised to usher in significant advancements in the overall user interface market. Small- and medium-scale enterprises are active in the touchless technology area and envision that this technology can generate innovative user interfaces.

Touchless sensing will be a highly disruptive technology that will provide users with enhanced human-machine interactions. Reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions can be achieved through touchless sensing technology. Particularly in the food and agriculture industries, gestures and voice-based commands will help in reducing cross-contamination in the food processing plant, as well as monitoring and controlling information display systems installed in agricultural production sites.